Sunday, 4 January 2009


"For some reason the moment I saw this place I knew I could work here. I am very influenced by places - by the atmosphere of a room."
Francis Bacon
(Above Image: Self Portrait by Francis Bacon)

I was visiting his studio in the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin yesterday, He talks of the ordered chaos of the space. Materials are scattered everywhere, unfinished works lie in the corner and the walls have been used as a pallet. It's amazing. He also says his works come from his subconcious (which oddly relates to a book I was reading literally 3 hours before!), how he starts without knowing what he will paint. I find this idea fascinating, the character in the book is a poet and said that he writes 15,000 words a day by a method of going into a trance and just writing mindlessly. I wonder if any architects use(d) this method?

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